HHA Moisturizing and Brightening Eye Mask (White & Gold Ironing Eye Mask Series)


Net Weight: 6ml x 7pcs

Shelf Life: three years

Core brightness technology

Precious plants essence

Moisturize, Lift canthus, Remove edema, Brighten

It makes the skin around the eyes more elastic

Release teh energy of the skin

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Cotton membrane for micro-pressure introduction

Feels like tender and supple baby skin


Gentle and skin-friendly-soft to touch, right thickness, moisturizing and breathable


Tightly fitted-no bubble, full coverage, crescent-shaped cut, fit to skin around the eyes.


Long-lasting moisturizing-moist can be locked to moisturize the skin layer by layers and provide care for the delicate skin around the eyes.


Micro-pressure introduction- with strong bearing capacity and excellent elasticity, it can form negative pressure and “press” the essense into the underlying skin.

Six Core Ingredients to Moisturize the skin

  • Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizing and reparing
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein: Highly effective moisturizing
  • Squlane: Moisturizing+anti-oxidant
  • Aesculus chinensis extract: Improve blood circulation
  • Ceramide 3: Deep moisturizing
  • Chrondrus crispus extract: Firming and moisturizing


Q & A

Q: Why do I feel tingling when applying the eye mask?

A: You may feel tingling when applying eye mask with moisturizing ingredients when your eye skin is extremely dehydrated. Slight and one-off tinging is normal. Such signals means you need to re-hydrate your skin. If you used to be allergic to skin care products that contain certain types of ingredients, please pay attention whether the tingling is caused by allergy. People with sensitive skin can do a small allergy test by applying some of the mask essence to the area behind the ear before use.

Q: Each time I apply eye mask, the longer I apply, the better effect I will get, is that right?

A:The moisturizing eye mask is best applied for 15-20 minutes, and the tightening eye mask 20-25 minutes. To avoid aggravating the fine lines, please do not pull the eye mask abruptly off. Instead, you Should remove it carefully. After it is removed, you can use the pulps of the middle finger and the ring finger to massage with the residual essence for better effect.

Q: What should I do if I am afraid that the eye mask will be too cold to apply in winter?

A: You can put the mask in warm water at about 50*C for 3-5 minutes. In this way, the mask will not feel itchy and the ingredients inside will not be damaged under this temperature. And in hot summer, you can put the mask in the refrigerator for 3-5 minutes before applying it.

Q: What is the best time in a day to apply eye mask?

A: We suggest to apply eye mask before going to bed. It is the time when you feel most relaxed and it is also the best time for skin self-repair, which is good for nutrient infiltration. Of course, there is no strict rule that the eye mask should be applied before bedtime. You can apply it anytime!

Q: Is it better to apply White & Gold Ironing Eye Mask Series every day?

A: A complete skin metabolism cycle is 28 days. If you need targeted care for your eye skin, it is recommended to apply the eye mask every day during this period, so that the skin can have a good base for thorough revitalization. After that, you can decide when to apply the mask according to your eye skin condition, the eye mask can be used during daytime.

Q:After applying the White & Gold Ironing Eye Mask Series, do I need to apply eye cream immediately?

A:The nutrition from the mask ingredients is enough for the eyes. You do not need to use eye cream after applying the mask. But if you do get used to applying eye cream after eye mask, it is OK, because HHA eye mask series contains Aesculus chinensis extract, which can help promote blood circula-tion. You do not need to worry about fat granules even if more nutritious is applied to the eye skin.


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