HHA Deep Moisturizing Mask


The real youth
Is what quietly conquering the time
Every day
Be beautiful with the youngest appearance
And be the master of your own life
Let the time pass without leaving any traces
And you’ll have the confidence to negotiate with life
Where does the “skin” secret of being beautiful hidden?
The moment you apply the HHA mask You’ll find the answer

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30 ml X 5 pcs

Shelf life: three years

Pure cotton import membrane with micro-pressure

More comfortable sensation of moisturizing and nourishing

Highly skin-friendly

Highly bearable

Highly permeable

More essence imported with micro-pressure

Essence released constantly and slowly into the deep layer of skin

New vitality and beauty bestowed to skin

3 X Moist essence Awakening the luster of skin

Triple nourishing with multiple activation essence ingredients Enduring moisture and elasticity deep to every inch of skin Highly active Highly moisturizing Highly nutritious Constantly import active ingredients in high-concentration Make the skin glows with charming luster


Q:I feel tingling when applying the mask. What should I do?

A:You may feel tingling when applying a mask with moisturizing ingredients when your skin is extremely dehydrated. Slight and one-off tingling is normal. If you used to be allergic to skin care products that contain certain types of ingredients (such as fruit acid), please pay attention whether the tingling is caused by allergy.

Q:The longer the mask is applied on the face, the better effect it will yield?

A:Some people may think the longer the better, and some even leave the mask on face for a whole night. Please never exceed 30 minutes when you apply the mask. Or just remove when it is 80% dry. Removing a dried mask can hurt the skin, and it will absorb the facial moisture in turn.

Q:Can HHA mask series be applied during pregnancy and lactation?

A:It is recommended to use with caution. With higher levels of progestogen, pregnant women will experience great changes both in the body and the skin, and they are particularly allergy susceptible, which is usually troublesome.

Q:Will HHA mask series cause allergy?

A:Skin rejection (commonly known as allergy) is quite normal, e.g. people can get allergic to willow catkins, eggs, kiwis and milk, etc. Any skin care product is with certain probability of allergy, but it doesn’t mean any problems of the skin or of the product. Just stop using it. Please test behind ears before usage if your skin is sensitive.


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